tipsykitten (tipsykitten) wrote in real_les,

True Love

your touch is electric
i felt it the first time you held me
the way we connected so easily
i've tried to define it
searched for the perfect phrase
i've tried to describe it
in a million different ways - BLISS


Let me tell you something about myself I'm Alex (short for alexandra) 23
yrs.old, 5'3 in height short brunette hair. An average looking girl, who
works as an IT consultant.

My best friend - Kathy has this party at her pad and that's where I met her
- Lexi. A female blonde, 5'6 print model, the girl next door who has a body
to die for. She's a friend of Kathy. Kathy was the first one who I told
that I am a Lesbian.  And she's cool with it! (great!!!)

*knock, knock *

"I got it!"

When I open the door I was in shock to see the most beautiful creature in
the universe! She's a goddess! Haven't seen it for quite sometime now. It
takes another minute for me to utter a word.

"Yes?" I ask.

"Hi, umm,"

"Lexi, great to see you, it's been a long time!" Kathy interrupts.

I was still in the front door not realizing I was staring at her.

"Alex, Alex are you OK?"

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