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an old memory......

I've been thinking about this alot old memory of mine.......I thought I would share.

It was way (wwwaaayyy) back in 1990! I ran a successful BBS system.  I was the only woman in my state to do so at the time.  I was married, and had two young children.  My husband worked odd hours, sometimes late nights, sometimes early morings to afternoons.  I was alone at night, with the children alseep one evening and a couple who were also invovled in BBS'ing came over.  We sat together in my den on the second floor of my large 13 room house, and "messed around" oon the system, and drank wine.  They brought two really good bottles with them.
We got VERY drunk.  Well, not falling down drunk, but silly drunk - the fun kind.  After awhile, the husband said he was going down to the kitchen to get some iced tea.  It was early summer, and I hate AC so it wasn't on and the house was still warm from the blazing sun that day.
About 15 minutes passed and I said I was going to go see if everything was already - since he had been gone way too long for just a glass of iced tea!  His pretty wife said "sure! you go, I'm going to keep working here".
I went down and found him sitting in the living room on the couch.  I asked if everything was alright. He patted the couch next to him and I sat down.  He said he couldn't go back upstairs to us.  I asked why - he pointed down - he had a huge erection poking his shorts up!  Now, let me say this, back then, my marriage was just about over, and my husband and I flirted openly with most of our friends - so this wasn't a big surprise to me.  I asked him what we had done - I mean, we were working on the computer - nothing sexy to get him hot.  He said he loved the flowing skirts I wore and he just couldn't sit around and lust after me like that.  He leaned in and whispered - "I want to taste you".  I lost my breath - remember - I was already drunk!  So I kissed him - full tongue right away.  He reached into my loose tee-shirt and cupped my tits - first one, then the other, squeezing hard, then pinching the nipple.  It didn't take long for me to pull it off, I wasn't wearing a bra, and he immediatly sucked a nipple in and played with it with his tongue, biting as I gasped.  I leaned back at his urging and let him devour my breasts. First one, then the other, back and forth, biting and licking, then sucking hard.  I was so horny, I was dripping wet - and we both knew it.  He leaned up after about ten minutes of that and I suddenly remembered his wife! I said we'd better stop! He said no, it's ok, she knew I wanted you, she knew why I came downstairs.  I was shocked! They planned this.  I knew they were swingers, I also knew that he was a dom to her.  He softly pushed me back down, then pulled up my skirt slowly, watching my eyes the entire time.  I was breathing hard, and trying to stop myself from bucking my hips up at him.  I was exposed.  I rarely wore undies.  He cupped my pussy, putting his thumb over my clit.  I was so wet.  He wiggle that thumb so softly and I moaned out loud - a whisper of  yyyeeesssssss trailed out of my lips.  He pressed again, this time, moving so he could push two fingers into my hips bucked. I started to lean up a bit, and he told me to lie back and enjoy - close my eyes and feel his hand.  I did, and he continued to play with my now swollen and wet clit, to fuck me with two fingers.  He would pull them out completely, rub his hand over my mound, then insert again, over and over.  I felt him leaning down.......I waited, held my breath....I felt his hot breath on my skin......his fingers pulled away........then his tongue touched my pussy and I damn near exploded right then!!! Oh my god!!! So good!!!!! In and out of my hole, around and around my clit and then back down, soft and then hard, begging and then demanding......suddenly I felt another tongue on my left nipple!  I opened my eyes to see him with my tit in his mouth....his wife at my pussy!!!!!!!!  I startled up and he said...."I'm sorry I had to was her that wanted you so badly, I just wanted to get you started.......enjoy! She wants to taste you for hours! Let her please you!" and he got up and left.  She just smiled, and looked up at me and said " taste better than I thought you good....lie back and let me eat you until you pass won't be sorry" and she went back to tongue fucking me right away.   I think this last for the better part of two hours......I completely relaxed with her, we would break and kiss, she would bite my nipples and lick them softly until I would wiggle again, then she would devour my pussy again.  

I felt awkward the next time I saw them.  It was at a party at my house for one of my kids birthdays.  She cornered me in the bathroom at one point "don't feel weird, I still want you. Come over our apartment anytime"

I did, many times after that.  She would tie me up and tease me until I screamed! Then make me cum dozens of times.  She taught me what she liked, and I became good at it.  We played with toys often.  She had the most wonderful strap on - I loved when she fucked me hard with that after eating me for hours.  Her husband asked to watch once - we let him.  

That was my first woman.  Many years later I had one more encounter with another woman at a friends house party.  

Even though I am very happily married, and have a great sex life with my new husband - I can't help but wish I had another female lover!

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